New music, “Bendita Holiday”, with Russell Landwehr and Matt Vander Boegh (Trumpet / Horns). Track will be submitted to Taxi.

I am EXTREMELY fortunate to know some great musicians and composers all over the USA and the World.

This time, I pulled Kerry Kennard in for drums and percussion on a Latin number and he came through with a killer groove. Then I brought in my friend Matt Vander Boegh from Boise Idaho for some horns. The result is this Latin Jazz Vacation number called “Bendita Holiday”

It reminds me a bit of some of the Al Hirt stuff my Dad Bill Landwehr use to listen to.

New music, “Village Paint”, with Russell Landwehr / Track submitted to (Taxi – Independent A&R) Exclusive Music Library

“I was very happy last night to find that the percussion piece Kerry Kennard and I submitted to TAXI – Independent A&R was forwarded this week to an Exclusive Music Library”.      Russell Landwehr ( FB post – 30 May 2015)