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Interesting Paiste History (Cymbals)

Been around a long time – 1901; more than a century old!

The Paiste History

The Paiste Sound Story begins at the turn of the century.


Michail Toomas Paiste, a composer and musician, whose father had come from Estonia to serve in the Tsarist Guard, founds a publishing business and music store in St. Petersburg. The operation, which also includes modest instrument manufacturing and repair facilities, flourishes for many years until the upheavals of the Russian Revolution force its closing.


Michail Toomas returns to his native country, and re-opens his business in the city of Tallinn. It is here that he begins to design and manufacture cymbals for concert and marching bands together with his son, Michail M. Paiste, who quickly becomes the driving force and eventually takes over the business. Seeking to meet the rapidly evolving demands of “modern music” and the emerging drum set, the son begins to develop his own special concept for Turkish style cymbals, which he prefers over the Chinese style as a starting point. It is during this time that he also develops the first gongs. The resulting instruments receive awards and international recognition as they begin to be exported to Europe, the USA and overseas.

Rest of History at the below link.

New music, “Bendita Holiday”, with Russell Landwehr and Matt Vander Boegh (Trumpet / Horns). Track will be submitted to Taxi.

I am EXTREMELY fortunate to know some great musicians and composers all over the USA and the World.

This time, I pulled Kerry Kennard in for drums and percussion on a Latin number and he came through with a killer groove. Then I brought in my friend Matt Vander Boegh from Boise Idaho for some horns. The result is this Latin Jazz Vacation number called “Bendita Holiday”

It reminds me a bit of some of the Al Hirt stuff my Dad Bill Landwehr use to listen to.

University of Arizona
History of Percussion Online class – (Summer 2009)
Masters of Music [M.M.] – Eastern Kentucky University (Dec. 2008)
Eastman School of Music
Graduate learning Gamelan, Creative Music making and African drum studies. (Summer 2007)
University of Dayton
Graduate studies/ Percussion, Music Tech. & World music.
Samba school in Salvador / Rio, Brazil (Jan. 2005) –
PAS members studied samba.
Bachelors of Music [B.M.] – Belmont University (May 1991)
Wright State University (1981-1983)

Undergraduate music Studies

Technical Education / Sinclair Community College                                        Fall 2008 / Summers 2005 & 2006
Web development (Dreamweaver), Small Group Communication, & English Composition


Percussion and drum-set Performance experience
Holland America Line | Summer 2008 – November 2011

Played various percussion instruments, i.e. Congas, Timpani, tambourine, shakers, etc. for various guest entertainers, dance music, and other musical events around the ship (i.e. ‘sailaways’ from port).  Played Jazz drum-kit with the Neptunes, a 3-piece trio.

Guest Entertainers

aboard the Veendam, performed with:

Daniel Bouchet (Latin Singer Entertainer) {has YouTube videos},

Fabio Zini, Guitarist and Latin Grammy nominated,

Elvy Rose (Entertainer and Vocalist: Latin music),, Tara Whittaker (Flute and Piccolo: Classical and Contemporary),,

Jeff Trachta (Popular music – Las Vegas),,
and Martin Lass (Violinist) {lives in New York}.

Suzi Woods, (Singer – great sultry voice;

Penny Mathisen (Singer – Operatic and Contemporary – from London, England )

Kenny Martyn (Excellent Sax, reed performer), accenting Jazz

Shirley Dominguez (Latin Harpist)

Between 2009 & 2010

Played with guest performers Bernie Fields (Harmonica),

Finus Henderson, Jim Curry (John Denver impersonator), Tony Pace, along with other guest performers.

American Entertainment Productions (AEP) 

Drummer for over 600 performances during one-year tour.

Performed various styles, i.e. Rock, Jazz, Broadway, Country, etc.

Opening act for Louise Mandrell.

Performed at Kennedy Center, Corporate Conventions, Houston Rodeo, etc. – throughout North America.

Circus Gigs

  • The Great Wallendas – Two months performances throughout U.S.
  • Hanneford Family Circus – Two months performances throughout U.S.

Professional Theatre

“2013 GodSpell” (Revision 2012) – at Sinclair Community College, Dayton Ohio – June 2012

“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, “Company”  | Miamisburg/Dayton, Ohio

“Anything Goes” and “Music Man” | (Tennessee Performance Arts Centre), Nashville, TN

Euphoria Theatre / The Advante Garage Dinner Theatre (Nashville, TN)

– “Personals”, “God bless you, Mr. Rosewater”
– “The Great Spaghetti Murders”, and the “Nutcracker” (a spoof)


– Performed drums and percussion for Contemporary Christian artist (Georgette Atsedes Ministry) from 1991 to 1998.

– Joined Stephanie McKenna’s music team for two years (Cont. Christian).

– Played set with Christian Rock band Soteria and recorded CD project.

– Interacted with Lucio’s Elvis impersonation show, along with his great originals.

– One More Time Swing Band (2007)

– Kettering Civic Band (2006)