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the history of the timbales, by Victor rendon

I found this article along with my drum books and am sharing with other musicians, percussionists across the world.

The influence between Cuban and American music section is quite interesting, along with the rest of the history.

Beginning of Article. Best to download from the link above.

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Three (3) sections: 4/4, 3/4, and 5/4.

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First Thursday Jam

First Thursday Jams with Kelli Campbell, in Dayton, Ohio.
Performed with some friends and met some new musicians as well. Great night back a few months ago, before the Pandemic (Covid – 19).

Full Band – at Wholly Grounds Cafe, close to Downtown Dayton, Ohio

Learning how to listen to others is important. Going into last section of the song, esp. this one, more energy is needed to make it soar to new musical directions. Accenting certain band figures is good too;
don’t overdue it though. Tasteful performances result … like this one.